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06/15/2023, 9:45 PM
I've just created a new Pulumi project and stack by creating the yaml files manually: the only Pulumi commands I've run so far are
pulumi stack init
pulumi stack select
pulumi stack tag set ...
. I'm now trying
pulumi preview
pulumi up
) but the CLI is giving me this error message:
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error: getting stack configuration: stack configuration could not be loaded from either Pulumi.yaml or the backend: no previous deployment
This is new to me. Does anyone know what causes it? Or where in the code I might find this, so I can figure it out?
Heh, figured it out. I was trying all the pulumi commands to find anything that gave a more helpful error message, and got this:
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$ pulumi config
error: yaml: unmarshal errors:
  line 22: mapping key "REDIS_ENABLED" already defined at line 16
  line 23: mapping key "REQUIRE_HTTPS" already defined at line 17
Once I'd resolved the double key problem in my stack file, it worked. The error message is a bit of a bug though