Does anyone know if there is a provider for <https...
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Does anyone know if there is a provider for in Azure Native?
I am not familiar with it but as you have access to all the APIs versions with azure native, I don't think you need it. What are you using it for?
That said, I'd agree with Alexandre that you should consider re-examining your current setup to determine if manually registering providers is necessary. I've provisioned resources using Pulumi that have never been used in a subscription, and I never needed to register their providers
Thank you @millions-journalist-34868 and @fast-vr-6049. I agree with you that normally, when a subscription is created within the Azure Portal most of the Subscriptions have these default providers already registered. But we are provisioning Subscriptions using the Azure API, and these subscriptions seem to not have the providers registered "out-of-the-box". Hence, we had to fallback on
Azure Classic
Resource Provider Registration
. Was curious to know a Resource Provider Registration isnt available in Azure Native. The one in Azure Nativev2 is a Provider Hub Registration, so I guess that does not help 😞
Sheesh! Sounds like a complex scenario. If it can be done via CLI, you could potentially try the Azure CLI or Azure Powershell resources?
Just to add, v1 of the azure native provider also has the