an idea where to get this ssh key
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an idea where to get this ssh key
That is a requirement of your Pulumi project, not Pulumi. Somewhere, you code is calling
. You will have to review your source code to learn more.
@wide-island-42641 Without seeing your code, it’s difficult/nearly impossible to determine exactly what resource is requiring an SSH public key. It kind of looks like you might be using the VM template (used with
pulumi new
), in which case the VM resource requires an SSH public key. As @little-cartoon-10569 indicates, you need to use
pulumi config set sshPublicKey <value>
to set the configuration value. You can use
locally (assuming you are on macOS or Linux or an equivalent OS) to generate an SSH key pair, and then use the public key portion with
pulumi config set
. Let us know if you have further questions!