06/26/2023, 3:02 PM
Hi everyone! I am trying to set a scale out limit on my consumption plan function app via pulumi. this is the code var functionApp = new FunctionApp(name, new FunctionAppArgs { ResourceGroupName = _settings.ResourceGroup, AppServicePlanId = appServicePlan.Id, Name = name, Version = _settings.Functions.ExtensionVersion, Identity = new FunctionAppIdentityArgs { Type = "SystemAssigned" }, StorageAccountName = _storageAccountName, StorageAccountAccessKey = _storageAccountKey, AppSettings = configurations, SiteConfig = new FunctionAppSiteConfigArgs { AlwaysOn = _settings.Functions.IsDedicatedPlan(), AppScaleLimit = maxScaleOutLimit, (set at 10 via release pipeline variable) DotnetFrameworkVersion = _settings.Functions.DotnetFrameworkVersion, } }); But when I deploy this the scale out limit is not being set or changed at all, it is still at the default (see screenshot). Am I missing another configuration?