I have this code. ```import { services } from './s...
# general
I have this code.
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import { services } from './service';
import { clusters } from './cluster';
// get full cluster array output
export const clusterRegion: aws.ecs.Cluster[] = clusters[aws.Region.USWest2] as aws.ecs.Cluster[];
// get correct id
export const clusterRegionId = clusterRegion[0]?.id || '';
// get full service array output
export const Services: aws.ecs.Service[] = services[aws.Region.USWest2] as aws.ecs.Service[];
// !!!no value!!!
export const ServicesID = Services[0]?.id || '';
I try to check everything. Just dont understand what is the different?
It seem very identical of how I am getting the cluster value and service value but
just dont show anything for me