Hello, I am trying to implement auto rollbacks on ...
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Hello, I am trying to implement auto rollbacks on lambda 1. I have created an alias on the lambda function 2. I have setup codedeploy deployment group but there is no field for alias using which the deployment group will create a deployment for the lambda Can someone please help if there is a way to implement auto rollbacks on lambda?
For reference attaching the code
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const deploymentApp = new aws.codedeploy.Application("app", {
            computePlatform: "Lambda"

        this.deploymentGroup = new aws.codedeploy.DeploymentGroup("deployment-group", {
            appName: deploymentApp.name,
            deploymentGroupName: "deployment-group",
            serviceRoleArn: serviceRole.arn,
            deploymentConfigName: "CodeDeployDefault.LambdaAllAtOnce",
            deploymentStyle: {
                deploymentOption: "WITH_TRAFFIC_CONTROL",
                deploymentType: "BLUE_GREEN"
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const headlessCmsLambdaFunctionAlias = new aws.lambda.Alias(
                functionName: headlessCmsLambdaFunction.name,
                functionVersion: headlessCmsLambdaFunction.version,
                name: "live"