# general


07/02/2023, 5:03 AM
Hi all! We've recently gone to production with Pulumi in our organisation, and it has been a breeze! We used to have a complex Terraform setup, but Pulumi has completely transformed that (and also lowered our deployment times significantly), so all is well! I just have a question: let's say you have the following situation (all in one stack): • Base Layer • Multiple application layers • For each application layer do something else How we currently do it, is we loop through the application layer (we use python, so just a simple for x in y loop). Within the loop, everything is parallelised as much as possible (which is very nice), but it doesn't seem to parallelise the loop (so independent changes for each of the resources in the loop do not run in parallel. So currently if we need to make a change in every application layer (right now, for instance, we're bumping the version of each of the kubernetes cluster in the application layer) it takes a lot more time than it should. Is there a way to also have Pulumi parallelise the loops?


07/02/2023, 5:17 PM
hey Mats, glad you’re having a good experience. It’s hard to picture what you’re trying to do, do you have a code example?