I am having a hard time finding documentation on h...
# package-authoring
I am having a hard time finding documentation on how to author providers. Currently have based off of https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-go-provider Sadly this is for internal use, so unable to share much… But I need to instantiate an API client with credentials from configuration. I would prefer to do this only once, can I do that? I would like a config option for
which should be an enum, how do I do that? And lastly, I am getting this weird error:
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panic: invalid Go source code:


: 35:18: expected operand, found '.' (and 1 more errors)
I cannot identify the cause 😕
Right now the best way to set something like that up would be with a Config object that overrides CustomCheck. I’ll try to merge https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-go-provider/pull/97 soon, which adds direct support for a configure step that doesn’t relate to state. The credentials example uses a provider config. It should give you somewhere to start.