<@UK4HNFLCB> any interest of Pulumiverse to accept...
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@limited-rainbow-51650 any interest of Pulumiverse to accept the donation of the Fly.io provider? https://github.com/dirien/pulumi-fly
In general, yes. Now, we should start searching for co-maintainers for a number of Pulumiverse providers to prevent maintenance going stale. Having clear ownership to more than one person should keep such maintenance active.
I maybe also pull the switch on the
provider and stop continue any updates on it.
I mean literally around 10 downloads per release. Looks like the SaaS of Aquasec is not so much used. https://tooomm.github.io/github-release-stats/?username=pulumiverse&amp;repository=pulumi-aquasec
Well, let us see whether the promise of Pulumiverse will live up to its expectation. Pulumiverse has board members, but these are not the people who do the maintenance of these providers. We need maintainers for providers that other people can/will no longer maintain. Does anyone want to take ownership of the Fly.io provider under the Pulumiverse flag?
@limited-rainbow-51650 @many-telephone-49025 I could take ownership for one of the mentioned providers. But it would really help if we could establish an automatic bot in Pulumiverse like the bot which tracks changes in the upstream repos for the official providers maintained by Pulumi, like AzureDevOps. Manually checking changes in upstream repos becomes tedious if you maintain more than 2, 3 or even more providers.
@big-architect-71258 we will be able to do so when the work around GHA workflows for 3rd party providers lands. One of the pieces of the puzzle was this announcement: https://pulumi-community.slack.com/archives/C037PV12W6L/p1686171550846699 The new TF plugin framework should now also be supported. See #package-authoring channel for this. All in all, we are getting closer, but not there yet.