Hi there, From a fresh install of the pulumi CLI o...
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Hi there, From a fresh install of the pulumi CLI on a linux, running a stack we use elsewhere without any issue, I get during preview this weird error I've never seen before :
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error: could not find latest version for provider pulumi-nodejs: 404 HTTP error fetching plugin from <https://api.github.com/repos/pulumi/pulumi-pulumi-nodejs/releases/latest>. If this is a private GitHub repository, try providing a token via the GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable. See: <https://github.com/settings/tokens>
I didn't see really relevant issues on the github, so asking here before opening a ticket
@faint-motherboard-95438 this is usually because your code or stack config is incorrect. Can you share both?
hey @billowy-army-68599 thanks for answering. Thing is, that works for my coworkers and in the CI, so I don't think the code nor stack have a problem, it's only me with a fresh install of the CLI on a new linux
(arch package
I can open an issue if you think that's relevant
we’d need a repro at the very least
what does
pulumi about
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Version      3.74.0
Go Version   go1.20.5
Go Compiler  gc

aws         5.19.0
aws         4.38.1
docker      3.4.1
eks         0.37.1
gcp         4.16.1
kubernetes  3.17.0
nodejs      unknown
postgresql  3.3.0
random      4.4.0

OS       arch
Arch     x86_64

This project is written in nodejs: executable='/usr/bin/node' version='v20.3.0'

Name           <http://pulumi.com|pulumi.com>
URL            <https://app.pulumi.com/[redacted]>
User           [redacted]
Organizations  [redacted]

NAME                        VERSION
@pulumi/pulumi              3.46.0
typescript                  4.8.4
@aws-sdk/types              3.201.0
@pulumi/aws                 5.19.0
@materya/pulumi             4.8.0
@types/node                 18.11.9
nunjucks                    3.2.3
@aws-sdk/client-cloudfront  3.202.0
@aws-sdk/client-sts         3.202.0

Pulumi locates its logs in /tmp by default
I tried commands like
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pulumi plugin install language nodejs
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pulumi plugin install language pulumi-nodejs
but same error as during a
pulumi preview
it’s trying to reference a provider that doesn’t exist, usually because there’s configuration euther in the stack or the code that references a nodejs provider, see here: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/blob/50e548a0b31a8ff482a99dbc780a6f7378dc4a54/pkg/workspace/plugin.go#L65
you might try verbose logs, but without code or stack config it’s going to be hard to debug
looks like this
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name: [redacted]
runtime: nodejs
description: [redacted]
config: stacks/
and we have nearly nothing in the stacks, that's a small deployment to CDN project :
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  aws:region: eu-west-1
so that would be the
then ? but we always used this one and it works (still) elsewhere. CLI version compatibility issue maybe ? Mine would be too recent ?
I don’t believe so, but downgrading is an option to eliminate it as a possibility
I tried the oldest I have in cache : 3.46.1 The error at this time had a tip for this problem :
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error: could not load plugin for pulumi-nodejs provider 'urn:pulumi:staging::cresh-admin::pulumi:providers:pulumi-nodejs::default': Could not automatically download and install resource plugin 'pulumi-resource-pulumi-nodejs', install the plugin using `pulumi plugin install resource pulumi-nodejs`.
But as I stated before, this exact suggested command outputs the same error as the preview, so...
I'll rely on a patch of our CI for now, since it works there. I thought it would be a straightforward easy issue but apparently not, so.. Thanks for having looked into it, maybe I'll open an issue later with more infos (if I can get some)
and as I stated before, the error message isn’t giving you the solution, it’s telling you the problem. The error message is generated from here: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/blob/50e548a0b31a8ff482a99dbc780a6f7378dc4a54/pkg/workspace/plugin.go#L45 There is no such resource plugin as
that’s a language plugin This isn’t a valid urn:
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there’s no such provider as
so you’ll need to try and find in your code where your that provider is instantiated. Are you using a dynamic provider?
We don't and there's no reference to
anywhere in the code, which is very small, as I said that's just a deploy project to a bucket+cdn. Again the code, stack and all work well within other environments (local and github CI), so my main guess is a local issue on my end. I'll dig into it later, thanks again for being always so reactive 🙏
This looks like a bad install. There should be a
binary next to the
binary. If that's missing you'll see this error.