Hello Team, we are using <https://www.pulumi.com/r...
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Hello Team, we are using https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/azure-native/api-docs/documentdb/ python API to create DatabaseAccount, SqlResourceSqlDatabase, and SqlResourceSqlContainer. We configured the manual throughput for the database and container. Now, we are attempting to update the resource azure-nativedocumentdbSqlResourceSqlContainer with the following property changes CreateUpdateOptions from throughput 1000 to autoscale_settings.max_throughput 30000. However, attempting to update the scaling mechanism fails due at Azure with the following error:`Code="BadRequest" Message="Updating offer to autoscale throughput is not allowed. Please invoke migration API to migrate this offer."`We recognized that we must invoke the migration through Azure directly through the Azure Portal and decided to manually invoke the migration, then run a pulumi refresh targeting the SQLContainers to sync changes with Azure. However, attempting this refresh, Pulumi picked up no new changes from Azure as much as an hour after the migration was completed. We have already upgraded the resource to autoscale via Azure Portal, how can we get Pulumi to pick up these new changes to the autoscale settings?
Can someone please look into this?
@billowy-army-68599 would you be able to help me in this matter?
I cannot no, im out of office
no problem! Thank you for replying.