:wave: Is there a way to wait for a CodePipeline ...
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👋 Is there a way to wait for a CodePipeline execution to complete? We use CodePipeline to build and deploy (Blue/Green) our microservices to ECS/Fargate, but we have a first-time provisioning issue where the ECS service cannot successfully complete because the container image has not yet been built by CodePipeline, but without the ECS/task definition resources we cannot create the pipeline. I’ve worked around this so far with a “firstTimeBuild” flag that just provisions the minimum resources and triggers the first time image build, but then you have to manually check and wait for that to complete before re-running the remaining provisioning. It’s a big automation blocker, so any suggestions would be welcome. I did notice that
is a option for
, but unfortunately we use
which (AFAIK) does not have that option, and we have close to 50 microservices, so I’d like to avoid having to migrate the resource providers on all of them if possible. :)