Hi - this has probably been answered a dozen times...
# kubernetes
Hi - this has probably been answered a dozen times, but my google & slack search-foo aren’t with me today. Here’s what I’m trying to do: We have an existing EKS cluster created with Terraform. I want to use Pulumi to deploy a Helm chart into that cluster. I am using
to look up the target cluster. Then I want to create a new Kubernetes provider, and feed it the cluster’s
. If this cluster was created with
that’d be easy as
is an output. But can anyone point me to prior art for connecting the
provider to an existing EKS cluster?
here’s an example, you basically need to use the outputs for the api server, cluster authority etc https://github.com/pulumi/examples/blob/26e78b602d9bcca430d08edfd01e5eb955aa36f6/aws-py-eks/utils.py#L8
Ah, sweet, thanks @billowy-army-68599 - looks basically like what I lifted from
- so glad I was on the right track.