Hello Pulumi community! Last month at Techstars N...
# built-with-pulumi
Hello Pulumi community! Last month at Techstars NYC Demo Day, Seth and I unveiled what we’ve been building the past 6 months, Joggr. We wanted to share with all of you, because Pulumi was instrumental in getting us to market so quickly. Having used other IaC tools before (cough cough terraform), I’ve been amazed on how easy it is to get up & running with Pulumi, we imported our entire stack and were up and running in an hour! We plan on writing a blog post about our experience building with Pulumi soon. Feel free to check us out & sign up for our waitlist if you’re interested in learning more about Joggr or how we used Pulumi to get to market in under 2 months 🎉 🎉 _*Joggr accelerates developer productivity by automatically generating new documentation and keeping existing documentation up-to-date with every code change.*_ Happy coding! -Zac
Wow! Awesome to read @gentle-planet-7442! Looking forward for the blog article!
Oh wow, congrats @gentle-planet-7442!! Exciting
Thank you! Its been a wild ride but excited to keep rolling 🙂 (with Pulumis help of course ha)