Hello :pulumipus-dancing-music: I'm receiving an e...
# golang
Hello pulumipus dancing music I'm receiving an error from the AWS API about an API Gateway integration. The thing is, this is after the integration has been created and nothing has changed in the code 🤔 Here's a showcase:
The affected integration looks like this:
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checkPingIntegration, err := apigatewayv2.NewIntegration(ctx, resName+stack+"-check-ping-integration", &apigatewayv2.IntegrationArgs{
    ApiId:               gateway.ControllerApi.ID(),
    CredentialsArn:      roles.ApiGwRole.Arn,
    IntegrationType:     pulumi.String("AWS_PROXY"),
    IntegrationSubtype:  pulumi.String("StepFunctions-StartExecution"),
    PassthroughBehavior: pulumi.String("WHEN_NO_TEMPLATES"),
    RequestParameters: pulumi.StringMap{
      "StateMachineArn": checkPingStateMachine.Arn,
  if err != nil {
As you can see, both the passthrough behaviour and the state machine ARN are defined.
As mentioned, there was no change between at all in the code between the two
pulumi up
commands ...
Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?