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# announcements
📣 The Pulumi Azure Native Provider v2 is now GA! 🎉 While still providing you with the most complete support for Azure with same-day access to the entire surface area of the Azure API, we've made significant enhancements to performance and usability in the v2 release. This includes: • Faster development: SDK size reduced by 50% • Refreshed defaults to latest and greatest from Azure • Expanded Azure API version coverage • Simplified user assigned identity inputs Read the blog post announcement for all the details or jump straight to the upgrade guide to get started with v2 today!
A huge THANK YOU to the Pulumi team for this Azure Native provider update. While our Azure resources aren't the most complex, it's still important that they're right. I did the update to v2 today. Went completely seamlessly. And wow do
pulumi preview
pulumi up
run significantly faster. Thank you again.
@little-library-54601 thank you so much for that feedback! Great to hear!
I need to say a huge thanks for it! You have no idea how much energy/CPU/CO2/time you saved in v2! We have a quite robust azure infra (around 250 resources) and CI time reduced a lot!
@few-postman-20852 Thanks so much for the feedback! Happy to hear it!