are there examples anywhere for aws-native ? I'm l...
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are there examples anywhere for aws-native ? I'm looking at but there's only a few. I'm looking for a bucket with event notification to sns topic, in yaml.
You might try using Pulumi AI ( It’s not perfect, but it should provide enough scaffolding around what you’re trying to do to be helpful and get you started.
Here’s some YAML I generated using Pulumi AI (note: I haven’t tested this yet):
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# Revised example with AWS Native provider

- name: my-bucket
  type: aws-native:s3ucket:Bucket
    acl: "private"
    bucket: "my-native-bucket"
- name: my-topic
  type: aws-native:sns:topic:Topic
    name: "MyNativeTopic"
- name: my-bucket-notification
  type: aws-native:s3/bucketNotification:BucketNotification
    bucket: "my-native-bucket"
    - id: my-topic-configuration
      topicArn: $my-topic.arn
      - 's3:ObjectCreated:*'
Hi Scott, Thanks for the suggestion, I've tried your yaml and run a few prompts in the pulumi AI but does not seem to even generate valid yaml, get lots of basic structure errors when doing pulumi up, also insists in setting runtime as python instead of yaml. Do you know any other place where I could find a working example for simple scenarios like bucket notification to sns, lambda, etc ?
Unfortunately, I don’t know of other places to find examples off the top of my head. I apologize. However, it would be great if you could create an issue to this effect in the pulumi/pulumi-aws-native repository on GitHub ( I know this doesn’t solve your problem, but creating an issue will help get the attention of our engineering team. In the meantime, I’ll keep looking around for more example sources, and share them here if I can find them.