I am currently in the process of evaluating Pulumi...
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I am currently in the process of evaluating Pulumi and am a bit curious as to what options are available for generating a timeline of events/changes to stacks. I get that this is something that you just get when using Pulumi Cloud but just trying to understand all options. How would you go about generating a timeline using only what is available in the open source version? If you generate a plan, you can see what changes would be applied in an update preview, but once the plan is actually executed. How would you go about determining what actually changed on each resource in an update? Would you have to rely on receiving events using the
option through the Automation API and deconstruct each one to build up a timeline of events that way? Or is there a better way of doing this?
You’d need to save a copy of the checkpoint from the object store you’re using
I have looked through the checkpoint and history files in the object store, and they seem to contain the info that the CLI uses to produce the stack history output, but the Pulumi Cloud has a lot more information about the nature of updates that have been applied to individual resources. Just trying to understand how that data is fed into Pulumi Cloud
and I would want to be using Pulumi Cloud because it's a value add, not because I feel forced to use it. The only way I have found to get the information that would produce these updates is to listen for events and reconstruct the timeline myself. Wanted to make sure I wasn't doing something the hard way if there was an easier way