Hi everyone! There’s a number of speaking opportun...
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Hi everyone! There’s a number of speaking opportunities coming up. Who wants to submit CFPs to speak about their experience with Pulumi? Come be a community champion! ❤️ Here are some of the upcoming events and submission deadlines: DevOps days in Eindenhoven (7/31), Cairo and Oslo (Aug 1), Philly (Aug 5), Almaty (8/15), Warsaw (9/15) - https://devopsdays.org/speaking Platform Eng 2023 - CFP closes August 1 KCD Austria - CFP closes July 30 KCD Texas - CFP closes Aug 30 KCD Denmark (first ever) - CFP closes Sept 15 OSS experience/Paris - CFP open Keep in mind that Pulumi will help reimburse travel & expenses (up to $1K USD) for any community user speaking about Pulumi (how they use Pulumi, challenges they solved with Pulumi, benefits Pulumi has brought to their team/organization, etc.) at an event in their region. Contact us (drop a line to
for more details. Go forth and spread the word about Pulumi!
I’m going to apply to Platform Eng 2023
@elegant-gigabyte-8733 Sounds great! Let us know if we can be of any help.