07/19/2023, 3:55 PM
We recently upgraded to pulumi-snowflake 0.30.1 and am seeing this message repeated a lot in the github actions logs:
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warning: urn:pulumi:test::snowflakeDefinitions::snowflake:index/warehouseGrant:WarehouseGrant::TEST_ALGO_EXPERIMENTAL_WH|||USAGE|false verification warning: This resource is deprecated and will be removed in a future major version release. Please use snowflake_grant_privileges_to_role instead.
snowflake_grant_privileges_to_role appears to be a new terraform convention that is not supported in Pulumi grant objects. When a new pulumi-snowflake version does land with this support, will it be under the hood so that I do not have to make any code changes (the only different is the log warnings disappear)? Or will this require new grant object code in python? :/
Any word on this? Seems to be 90% of the content of pulumi logs and web UI output for each job now.
Any update on this ^^ ?


09/19/2023, 2:56 PM
Hey - did you find anything about this? My take is it's saying "you should not be using "GrantPrivilegesToRole" instead of FunctionGrant / whatever" but I can't find good examples of how to go from one to the other