Im trying to update a `gcp.bigquery.Table` Its an ...
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Im trying to update a
Its an external data table so I don’t mind deleting it when I make changes, but I can’t replace it.
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error: update failed

  gcp:bigquery:Table (syslog_parsed):
    error: deleting urn:pulumi:dev::myproj-agent::gcp:bigquery/table:Table::syslog_parsed: 1 error occurred:
        * cannot destroy instance without setting deletion_protection=false and running `terraform apply`
I explicitly set:
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export const syslogTable = new gcp.bigquery.Table(
    datasetId: coreroDataset.datasetId,
    project: coreroDataset.project,
    tableId: "syslog_parsed",
    deletionProtection: false,


    deleteBeforeReplace: true,
The documentation says:
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Note: On newer versions of the provider, you must explicitly set deletion_protection=false
Is there something I am missing?
This looks like which was marked closed. One thing I'd try is to do an update which just sets deletionProtection. Then do another update which triggers the replace.
I’m having the same issue with a SQL db when doing a
. Ver annoying. In gcp console and my pulumi script, deletion protection is false. I also have refresh enabled as well.
I had one case where the error message changed to something like “could not delete because 6 objects depend on the db_instance”. Perhaps coincidentally a plug was updated just before I saw this.
We got rid of some issues for sql.User and sql.Databaseby setting:
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Still need to manually delete the db instance via the console, gcloud cmd, etc. before doing a pulumi down.