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📣 Announcing Restore Stacks: Recover Deleted Stacks in Pulumi Cloud 🎉 Starting today, you can restore previously deleted stacks in the Pulumi Cloud console. We’ve had a number of requests from customers to recover stacks, either because the stack was accidentally deleted or the stack was intentionally deleted but, later on, they want to restore and preserve the activity history on the stack.
Learn more in the blog post: https://www.pulumi.com/blog/restore-stacks/
@sticky-translator-61903 amazing! But I dont see this the three-dotted button. And I would really like to restore a stack.
ah, you need to be and Admin of the org in order to do this!
And you need a Enterprise plan. Maybe good to mention this kind of info in the blog 😉
Are there details of how this is implemented? Is it snapshot based? Can I request a stack state from a few days ago be restored?
The feature just supports recovering from a deleted state, so the state the stack was in when it was deleted. Separately, Pulumi Cloud stores the state checkpoint file at every update. You can download the state file from any point in time and then rollback to that version using
pulumi stack import
What if I've already deleted the stack, created it and refreshed? Have I ruined the possibility of restoration?
We are Pulumi enterprise customers fwiw.
We have a path forward, but restoring the state from a few days ago would be much easier for us to achieve a resolution. I have filed a support ticket.
You should be able to restore a stack that has the same name as a current one. I can sync internally with whoever picks up the ticket. Have you tried seeing if it showed up under restore stack options? On the stacks page there should be a three dot menu to check.
I have, but there are two issues. 1. I think because I attempted to init and refresh, I can only restore a stack with 0 resources 2. Maybe related, but I forced removal to abandon the stacks, because I was migrating the stack to an s3 state backend (only this project state wasn't migrated yet...)
It's not a critical stack, we could delete and recreate it, but I figured if we could restore from a few days ago, that would be like ctrl+z and save us some time/effort.
Okay got it. If it was just the stack name conflict it would show in the restore stacks list. Let’s see if the customer support ticket can resolve this. Thanks for the added details!
Np, I added two other stacks in the ticket that would just make this task easier because of stack references and deletions