Hello everyone. I'm fairly new to Pulumi and tryin...
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Hello everyone. I'm fairly new to Pulumi and trying to resolve an issue I'm having with creating/using a dynamic resource provider. If this is something known please send me to the source. I didn't find anything here on a quick search. Use case: When the update function is called, I need to invoke a lambda (done via boto3) and let it do some custom processing (this can take several minutes) and return data in a response to the update function. The issue: Everything works fine if the invoked lambda returns a response in under ~170 seconds (can vary a few seconds either way). Beyond this, pulumi up simply hangs with the updating counter continuing until if finally reaches the CustomTimeouts of 20 minutes I have set for this resource via ResourceOptions and fails. My boto client read timeout is set high as well as the timeout of the lambda itself. Logging shows the function being invoked, but no logs after that. Any suggestions would be appreciated!