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07/22/2023, 11:07 AM
Hi all! I'm still struggling with pulumi in my first deploypment attempt on Azure Cloud with Azure DevOps pipelines. I am using Azure Blob Storage to store my pulumi stacks configurations. After many attempt I was finally able to create an App Service on the cloud, but can't get back the created resource name as output to complete the deployment of the application through the next steps of the pipeline. I've tried with the suggested scripts to get the outputs and convert them to pipeline variables, but the script fails to re-authenticate on the azure blob (why does it need to retrieve those details from the blob?):
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DefaultAzureCredential: failed to acquire a token.
Attempted credentials:
	EnvironmentCredential: missing environment variable AZURE_TENANT_ID
	ManagedIdentityCredential: no default identity is assigned to this resource
	AzureCLICredential: ERROR: Please run 'az login' to setup account.
Wouldn't it make morse sense to have the DevOps task excetion directly provide the output variables for the pipeline? And anyways... how can I get this to work with the stack configuration on azblob? Thank you


07/22/2023, 4:21 PM
@tall-umbrella-92870 the stack configuration is distinct and separate from the credentials for storing state. Anything you set in stack configuration won’t be applied to storing state. You need both credentials for this to work


07/23/2023, 8:30 AM
hi @billowy-army-68599 thank you for replying. Yes, I understand that I need both credentials. What I don't understand is why I can't get the outputs directly from the 'pulumi up' command. It displays my outputs on the log, so there should be a way to also return them as output task variables?