What's the state of <https://github.com/pulumi/pul...
# aws
What's the state of https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-awsx ? Is it abandoned? It's not getting many updates. There's some stuff I'd like to be fixed (the module doesn't support FARGATE_SPOT, for example), and there's some stuff I'd like to be there. Are contributions welcome?
I’m migrating off of awsx . It was bad idea to use it. Now I have to manually delete stuff from the state to switch over to the vanilla packages.
Why was it a bad idea to use it? I think the idea of awsx is great, it's just because it consists of remote component resources it's not possible to apply transformations to them - meaning that awsx has to be flexible enough to fit all use cases.
It’s never going to be flexible enough and unwinding is hard because now I have to go into the source code to figure out what resources were actually created
awsx is not abanonded, although it hasn’t gotten many updates lately. A release with a few bugfixes is coming soon. Contributions are definitely welcome! Regarding finding out what resources it created,
pulumi stack export
should list them.