Hey all! I noticed the Pulumi.Command package is a...
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Hey all! I noticed the Pulumi.Command package is at 0.7.2 on most languages except for C# NuGet, which is back on 0.5.2. I tested master locally with the NuGet package and it seems to be working properly for me on net-6.0. Is there a reason the official NuGet package is lagging for C#?
I also ran into this! I'd love for this to get up-to-date, as my attempts to use Pulumi.Command all failed with opaque errors
Yeah, in my case, I specifically needed to increase the DialErrorLimit to account for a slow provider instance creation step, but that’s not available in 0.5.2 😕 Looking at the GitHub Actions pipeline it seems like it’s building the
stage successfully, maybe it’s something simple like the
needs to be updated?
@ancient-policeman-24615 Looks like you might be working on this repo as we speak? 😄
I’m working on rolling an update out to
right now. I expect we’ll do the next release late this week or early next week. I’ll make sure that we publish to NuGet successfully when we release.