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07/27/2023, 6:53 PM
GCP Compute Engine instances support directly launching with containers. This is not supported currently in Pulumi, but the AI tries to fake it. I am wondering if this a feature on the roadmap? See 🧵
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# Compute Engine instances support a declarative method for launching your applications using
# containers. When creating a VM or an instance template, you can provide a Docker image name and
# launch configuration. Compute Engine will take care of the rest including supplying an up-to-date
# Container-Optimized OS image with Docker installed and launching your container when the VM
# starts up. See Deploying containers on VMs and managed instance groups (MIGs) for more
# information. link: <>
# Put container image in GCP Artifact Registry or Docker Hub. Store container settings in instance
# metadata under gce-container-declaration metadata key