Hello! Is there any "easy" way to setup eks with k...
# aws
Hello! Is there any "easy" way to setup eks with karpenter like with terraform?
You have a couple of options: 1. You can use
pulumi new kubernetes-aws-{lang}
to get a new project that stands up EKS, and then add the Karpenter piece yourself. 2. You can use
pulumi convert
to convert a Terraform setup that does EKS w/ Karpenter into Pulumi.
well, the converter wasnt so useful, option 1 here we go. thx for your help anyway
We’re very keen to know what sort of errors you run into when converting Terraform configurations, would you mind opening an issue in https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi with more details? Alternately, if you want to just post stuff here I can open the issue on your behalf.