Hi We have a pulumi automation API program that sh...
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Hi We have a pulumi automation API program that should deploy Helm charts to a cluster using pulumi. In order to deploy some chart to a cluster, we need to create a specific kubeconfig file. To do that, we are using a Role-Based kubeconfig file that should create a connection of a specific TTL. This is the code: this is the code that generates the kubeconfig file: Then we are fetching the cluster data and the cluster auth token to pass to the kbueconfig file generator and to get a dynamic kubeconfig file as a provider: The kubeconfig file is working correctly while running pulumi.up() option but while trying to refresh the stack, we are getting an error that tells that the kubeconfig is not updated and we can't communicate with the cluster. This is an issue that was opened as well in the github of pulumi_kubernetes. https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-kubernetes/issues/2377 Thanks in advance.