Hi, i'm getting a `409` error about another update...
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Hi, i'm getting a
error about another update in progress, or was previously interrupted. However, when I run
pulumi cancel
I get
error: [409] Conflict: The Update has already completed
. So i appear to be in a completely broken state. I've checked the stack export and there is nothing in there that's a problem. Any ideas how I can resolve this?
It appears that doing a
pulumi refresh
fixed this. It showed 0 changes to be made, but when I ran it, I was able to then run
as expected.
It might have been the lease timed out between the first error and you running cancel.
I ran them both multiple times and it continually happened over ~ 10 minutes of testing and debugging
Immediately after
it resolved itself
That does sound like a bug in the service then
The two errors I got were:
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This will irreversibly cancel the currently running update for 'main'!
Please confirm that this is what you'd like to do by typing `main`: main
error: [409] Conflict: The Update has already completed
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error: [409] another update is currently in progress or was interrupted. Try again later.) Try again later
    for more information about this error, see <https://pulumi.io/oa5g1o>
To learn more about possible reasons and resolution, visit <https://www.pulumi.com/docs/troubleshooting/#conflict>
Can you raise an issue for this at https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-cloud-requests I don't really have any access to internal service data so not something I can further help with.
I assume its safe to post the link above?
Yeh, it's all access controlled the most anyone will get from that being public is your account name.
Great, thanks