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07/31/2023, 10:43 PM
Hello, is there a document listing all of the Pulumi types, or can they be listed via an SDK method? For example iwth
pulumi import 'aws:iam/user:User'
where can I look to see other types under
I was reading this documentation: and saw that I can import things if they're in an array with elements in the following format:
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            "type": "docker:index/container:Container",
            "name": "backend-container",
            "id": "1cff08113e52781b1643097c947fa4fe92139a76a020d51c4856bf73207894a2"
from AWS I'm able to ascertain the service of a resource but I'd like to be able to map it to a Pulumi type to import it. The goal is use resource explorer to find all my resources and then bulk import them