Is there a way to manage the security groups with ...
# aws
Is there a way to manage the security groups with Pulumi on an unmanaged database? My team is hesitant to manage our database with Pulumi, even with
protected: true
, but we'd like to update its security groups.
You could manage the security groups, sure.
There is no downside to managing the DB via Pulumi. Loads of us do it.
You can even turn on extra protection via Pulumi: AWS protected and Pulumi protected.
Thanks @little-cartoon-10569, will consider it. How exactly does one update settings on a resource without importing it into Pulumi? I was having a look around and couldn't see how
You can't do that. Pulumi works by calculating differences between code and state.
You can manage the security groups though.
You don't have to manage the DB to manage the security groups.
Ok, guess we had a misunderstanding. My question was about managing the security groups attached to a DB. I.e. attaching and detaching security groups from a DB.