Hi guys, recently I have been working on creating...
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Hi guys, recently I have been working on creating a new native provider for managing ESXi resources. Thanks to @limited-rainbow-51650 the repository is transferred under Pulumiverse. I managed to set up the release and CI workflows, but we are missing the repositories under NPM, Nuget, and PyPI.
Unable to publish @pulumiverse/pulumi-esxi-native v0.0.1 to NPM
(link to job)
Can someone please help with that?
@limited-rainbow-51650 can you help with this?
Not today. Will be somewhere next week earliest.
Also for adding it to the Pulumi Registry, will you be able to help with it?
Yes, but we first need to get a release out which complies with all requirements.
hi @limited-rainbow-51650, did you have time to check it out?
They look good. Tnx.
Only the install command must be updated:
pulumi plugin install resource esxi-native <version> --server <github://api.github.com/pulumiverse>
Already done 🙏
Okay then, as you prepare the repositories let me know so I can rerun the release to publish the first version 🙌
@fierce-art-88136 parallel to your esxi provider, we accepted the vercel provider. This provider got a first succesfull release today using this workflow file. You might want to compare or adopt this one for the esxi-native provider too: https://github.com/pulumiverse/pulumi-esxi-native/blob/main/.github/workflows/release.yml
Actually, I got the workflow from Time and Harbor providers and adopted it for ESXi one
@limited-rainbow-51650 the things I did change in there are adding names for the steps that were missing, using the latest versions for some steps, and for others instead of the commit hash version I used the semantic step versions.
what do you want there to be changed
Hi @limited-rainbow-51650, do you have some time to look into this? I will be going on vacation in Thursday, so I would like if we can publish it before that
I think I found it. The pre-pulumiverse publishing credentials you set on your repo override the org-level ones. I removed your repo-level ones. Can you retry publishing a new version?
sure thanks, I did not not know that the secrets got transferred too
I sow that you PR for adding me as a maintainer did fail can you check that again?
See the
Blocked on
section in the description. Don't mind that PR. I have updated the repo access to level
In the meantime, can you prep a PR in
, similar to this one, but for your repo? https://github.com/pulumi/registry/pull/2992
Will do it thanks 🙏
The processing of that latter PR is in the hands of another team. Given we have a company wide week off, that one might land no sooner than next week though.
I see well, at least I will prepare it before vacation
the nuget key is not working
can you check if it is still the old one present?
These are the Actions secrets for
. At Nuget, the key is definitely still valid. Last week, with a similar setup, the vercel provider was succesfully published. Not sure what's wrong here.
@fierce-art-88136 I found it. Can you remove the package published under your personal nuget account, or transfer ownership to the `pulumiverse` organization on Nuget? https://www.nuget.org/packages/Pulumiverse.EsxiNative/0.0.3-alpha.1691424086
@fierce-art-88136 on Nuget.org, you should see
Manage package
in the menu on the right of your package listing. After clicking that, you should see a section
> Owners
. Please add
as an owner.
Ownership accepted and if your refresh the page, you should see it now. I retriggered the failing dotnet publish build.
And published!
I added the PR to the registry as well: https://github.com/pulumi/registry/pull/3015
Tnx. Expect a delay in processing that PR as the company is having a refresh week, which is a company wide week of time off.
thank you for the support 💪