Hello All, I have a problem with new Pulumi projec...
# google-cloud
Hello All, I have a problem with new Pulumi project (well its not new - but worked in the past - now fails on go configuration i think):
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export PULUMI_CONFIG_PASSPHRASE="" && pulumi preview --config region=us-east4 --config env=dev --config aws:region=us-east4 --config configPath=config_files/us-east4-dev-poc.yaml --stack us-east4-dev-google-cloud-serviceaccount --show-config -v 5
Previewing update (us-east4-dev-google-cloud-serviceaccount):
Downloading plugin: 53.05 MiB / 53.05 MiB [=========================] 100.00% 5s
                                                                                [resource plugin gcp-6.59.0] installing
     Type                 Name                                                                          Plan     Info
     pulumi:pulumi:Stack  google-cloud-serviceaccount-example-us-east4-dev-google-cloud-serviceaccount           1 error; 3 messages

  pulumi:pulumi:Stack (google-cloud-serviceaccount-example-us-east4-dev-google-cloud-serviceaccount):
        aws:region: us-east4
        google-cloud-serviceaccount-example:configPath: config_files/us-east4-dev-poc.yaml
        google-cloud-serviceaccount-example:env: dev
        google-cloud-serviceaccount-example:region: us-east4
    error: error in compiling Go: unable to run `go build`: exit status 1

    error obtaining VCS status: exit status 128
    	Use -buildvcs=false to disable VCS stamping.

make: *** [preview] Error 255