I have a question about Enterprise support for Pul...
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I have a question about Enterprise support for Pulumi. Does 12x5 support include running your own backend instead of using Pulumi cloud? Or is support exclusive to using Pulumi Cloud?
I don't want to contact Sales as we are still in a PoC phase, but want to know what the scope of support is on this tier.
I think sales are probably the only ones who could answer this for sure. But I think that support is to cover all Pulumi products, just it would be an odd setup to pay for enterprise level and then not use Pulumi Cloud.
Hi Trent, in general that support applies to resources hosted on the Pulumi Cloud. We offer higher levels of support for a self-hosted pulumi-cloud deployment if needed. If you are looking for support on a self hosted backend (ie S3) you would need to reach out to the Sales team to discuss your requirements in some more detail. When you are ready feel free to shoot me a dm or fill out the form here