# package-authoring


08/22/2023, 5:36 PM
Hello! I'm using the schema generator to generate a Go SDK for my component resources but I'm running into issues it does not seem to be able to reference anything in the pulumiTypes file, it complains that anything I set as an input that references a type in the schema is not found
here's the command I run to generate the SDK
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pulumi package gen-sdk ${WORKING_DIR}/bin/${PACKAGE}/schema.json --language go
this is the schema.json
i'm using v3.78.1


08/22/2023, 7:59 PM
I saw something similar last week. I believe you now need to specify some Go-specific metadata in your schema. Similar to (Those changes in my PR there were required to address this same issue I was seeing). I do not believe this should technically be required, and hoping we can remove this requirement again. But it may help unblock you.


08/22/2023, 8:38 PM
Thanks @white-balloon-205! I added the metadata
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go": {
      "importBasePath": "github_enterprise/pulumi-rcb/sdk/go/rcb",
"generateResourceContainerTypes": true,
"generateExtraInputTypes": true
but still get the issue where it can't find any of the inputs that reference a type defined in pulumiTypes.
could it be because i'm using someting in a private repo and that causes the packages not to be found?