Hello, Is there any plan to make `crd2pulumi` gene...
# kubernetes
Hello, Is there any plan to make
generate the code that uses Kubernetes provider v4?
Hello, i try something here https://github.com/pulumi/crd2pulumi/compare/master...RouxAntoine:crd2pulumi:feature/upgrade-dependencies-sdk-to-v4?expand=1#diff-86c84[…]b495bebR57 and obtained to generate pulumi type with v4. But what i don’t understand is that generated resource contained shaded Type
which is empty. and so the shaded type conflict with standard
type from here github.com/pulumi/pulumi-kubernetes/sdk/v4/go/kubernetes/meta/v1
I don't think you should change the base import path. But then you have the issue of having an internal module import, even changing the internal module name (the utilities) doesn't help, since kubernetes provider must also make it non internal. Anyway, I posted here after I tried to upgrade but got stuck because of the above....