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08/28/2023, 1:42 PM
Hey all, We are trying to migrate AWS lex v1 bot to lex v2 bot using pulumi/aws-native we are importing the v1 lex bot and using those data to create a lex v2 bot using pulumi/aws-native. In this process, we're making sure that we are transforming v1 lex data (intents ,slots, slot types) to v2 lex data equivalent. We're facing following issues while creating the lex bot:
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pulumi:pulumi:Stack (javascript-***-A):
|     error: update failed
|   aws-native:lex:Bot (******):
|     error: creating resource: operation error CloudControl: CreateResource, exceeded maximum number of attempts, 25, https response error StatusCode: 500, RequestID: 9db8a8fa-7dc9-414a-9954-277c136d14fb, api error InternalFailure: Internal Failure
or :
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|   pulumi:pulumi:Stack (javascript-***-A):
|     error: update failed
|   aws-native:lex:Bot (******):
|     error: 1 error occurred:
|     	* operation CREATE failed with "NotStabilized": Resource of type 'AWS::Lex::Bot' with identifier 'Z3PGGZDK7P' did not stabilize.
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error: operation UPDATE failed with "InvalidRequest": Operation can not be performed when bot 1s in Importing state (Service: LexModelsV2. Status Code: 400. 9576784-5902-459d-8330-e586080bb5a3)
Datasets that we are using are fairly large as in there are lots of slotTypes, intents, utterances and slots, but the count of intents and slotTypes are well within the prescribed limit of aws-lex: The problem is when we are dealing with whole data in a single try. But, if we try to create the lex bots with subsets of data covering all intents, those bots created successfully as they have less amount of data as compared to whole dataset. So basically, we are facing issue creating the bot with whole data at once. In this regard, any suggestion will be very helpful. Thanks 😊


09/06/2023, 11:48 AM
Can we get reply on this? Its really urgent @important-shampoo-10195 @quiet-truck-42632 @handsome-article-22867