Hello folks! I maintain the providers `pulumi-time...
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Hello folks! I maintain the providers
on #pulumiverse and I was wondering how I can keep the GitHub workflows up to date in some way automatically. I know there is a tool for the "normal" Pulumi providers (which are maintained by Pulumi) to do this. Is there something planned for Pulumiverse?
We definitely can't have our own Pulumiverse setup here. First because it is too much work, second because we would always be behind the upstream setup that the Pulumi engineering team has. Looping in @orange-policeman-59119 here, as it is a long standing personal aim to have https://github.com/pulumi/ci-mgmt reusable for third parties.
It would be good to have an issue tracking this so that it can be prioritized; I think the long-term direction ought to be less that the workflows are synchronized from ci-mgmt, and more that the logic moves into some specific maintained GitHub Actions, such as: • https://github.com/pulumi/upgrade-providerhttps://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-package-publisher
@orange-policeman-59119 The idea to have any kind of GitHub action instead of workflow templates which are indeed harder to maintain automatically sounds logical. But who would be in charge to add an issue so that the demand from Pulumiverse could be tracked?