Can someone point me in the direction of how to su...
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Can someone point me in the direction of how to submit requests for the documentation pages? I spend a lot of time reading the api docs for pulumi-aws and want to help fix things like: like where the example has
even though "versioning" object doesn't exist anywhere in example.. someone could get confused by this.
The versioning object exists in the nodejs example, I can see it:
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const versioning = new aws.s3.BucketVersioningV2("versioning", {
    versioningConfiguration: {
        status: "Enabled",
Yes, it's in the Python example too:
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versioning = aws.s3.BucketVersioningV2("versioning",,
omg, thats weird.. i dont know how i missed it. okay that's not a good example then.. but this is a good place for me possibly help out. thanks!
Hey @sparse-gold-10561 we're so excited and thankful you'd like to contribute here. These docs are not directly editable by the community, and the best path is to file an issue here with your suggested changes included in the details. I'll keep an eye out for it.