I'm looking to `alias` a provider (didn't run into...
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I'm looking to
a provider (didn't run into this few days ago with a different project which is strange). Currently using
and want to switch to an explicit provider (let's say
). But that gives an error:
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pulumi:providers:aws (default_5_42_0):
    error: Duplicate resource URN 'urn:pulumi:prod::accounts::pulumi:providers:aws::default_5_42_0' conflicting with alias on resource with URN 'urn:pulumi:prod::accounts::pulumi:providers:aws::management'
Is it required to delete the current provider first? That leads to more issues as there are a few resources created from that provider
Oh I think this is probably because there are still resources not switched to the explicit provider yet. After disallowing default provider in the code, I'm able to see error that default provider still being used
Yup that's the reason