About a trouble I have (and I think other provider...
# package-authoring
About a trouble I have (and I think other provider/package authors have), with the fact that even of the npm version is the same, npm-publish GH action try to publish again, that causes an issue (because it is not permitted to publish a same version several times). It seems that the trouble is related to the version: https://github.com/JS-DevTools/npm-publish/issues/139#issuecomment-1715654429 The version setted in
is not good: “v0.34.0” instead of “0.34.0" for example. Have you already fixed this issue somewhere? Moreover a page in the official documentation with all the possible known issues, with a latest version of the Gh actions and all the useful information we can have could be very useful. Thanks 🙂
Tracking it here https://github.com/pulumi/ci-mgmt/issues/565 - we'll try to look into it as soon as we have capacity. Thank you.