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09/14/2023, 12:57 AM
Hello guys, I made a code to create a VM in Azure with the following order First I create the rule to connect to the RDP or SSH Then I create the public IP that will be associated with the VM's NIC Then I create that NIC and associate that IP Finally I create the VM with the components, it is created, there is no error in the creation, but when I want to execute the pulumi destroy command, this error appears can help me with this?
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azure-native:network:NetworkInterface (NIC-VMWindows1-063-100-160):
     error: Code="NicInUse" Message="Network Interface /subscriptions/8e23e0ca-e424-495e-b142-813621dbb51f/resourceGroups/rg-archie-nonprod-eaus2/providers/Microsoft.Network/networkInterfaces/NIC-VMWindows1-063-100 -160 is used by existing resource /subscriptions/8e23e0ca-e424-495e-b142-813621dbb51f/resourceGroups/rg-archie-nonprod-eaus2/providers/Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines/VMWindows1-063-archie-nonprod-eaus2-160- 4. In order to delete the network interface, it must be dissociated from the resource. To learn more, see <|>." Details=[]


09/14/2023, 11:06 AM
you will need resource options. if Azure deletes the nic when you delete the VM, then you can just use
. This will not call explicit deletion on the NIC, just assumes it is deleted when you delete the VM. But I';m not sure how Azure currently handles associated resources.
Or you can try putting in Dependencies (which honestly already should be there since you use the NIC in the VM, but not sure what happens).


09/15/2023, 4:53 PM
where is deleWith??