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09/14/2023, 1:27 AM
Hi community, I deployed a gke cluster following the guide something like below
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export const cluster = new gcp.container.Cluster(NAME, {
  initialNodeCount: INITIAL_NODE_COUNT,
  minMasterVersion: engineVersion,
  nodeVersion: engineVersion,
  nodeConfig: {
    machineType: MACHINE_TYPE,
    oauthScopes: OAUTH_SCOPES,
    tags: [NETWORKTAG]
  networkingMode: 'VPC_NATIVE',
  ipAllocationPolicy: {
    clusterIpv4CidrBlock: '',
    servicesIpv4CidrBlock: ''
and when I try to upgrade the machineType by passing in a different value. THE WHOLE CLUSTER IS DESTROYED AND RECREATED? is it an expected behaviour? I would expect it just resize the node machine and retain the the cluster


09/14/2023, 3:20 AM
Yes, this is expected behaviour. That part of the GCP Api is immutable. If you want to have a configurable type on the nodes, create a separate node pool with the node pool resource