Hello, hopefully someone on here is able to provid...
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Hello, hopefully someone on here is able to provide some advice. I am trying to revert back from Gitlab to Pulumi as the identity provider for our organisation but having done so it seems we are still only able to login via Gitlab. When attempting to password reset I receive an email titled "Looks like you don't have a Pulumi password for this email" saying...
The following identity provider(s) are linked to your account:
• GitLab
How can I remove Gitlab as an identity provider and return to using Pulumi as when we initially signed up?
I think your best off submitting a support request https://support.pulumi.com/hc/en-us, I think this can be done but pretty sure one of the service engineers needs to do it.
Thanks @echoing-dinner-19531. I'll give that a go 👍