Hello, I have an AWS CodePipeline set up with Pulu...
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Hello, I have an AWS CodePipeline set up with Pulumi. I want to switch off the change detection options from the pipeline, so I have updated the Pulumi configuration of the pipeline to include
"PollForSourceChanges": False
as part of the configuration section of the
. I do a
pulumi up
and the process completes and states 1 resource has been updated. However, if I look at my pipeline in the AWS Console, the changes have not been applied - there is still a change detection option selected (a CloudWatch Event). If I do a
pulumi preview
immediately after, the change is still identified as needing to be applied. Am I missing something? Pulumi version v3.72.2. Thanks.
This sounds like a bug in the provider to me. Please file an issue here: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-aws/issues