Hi, Question about handling AWS Transit Gateway A...
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Hi, Question about handling AWS Transit Gateway Attachments for Transit Gateways in a different account. In Terraform, I had to quickly accept the TGW attachment in the other account so Terraform could continue. Is there a more clever way in Pulumi to do this? I am aware of the VpcAttachmentAccepter function, but I see no way to create the TGW Attachment in one account and then accept it in the other in the same Pulumi run. I would need that, because subsequent routing tables needs the TGW as a target, but it won't be available until accepted. I am currently thinking of separating stacks in a way that I don't have this kind of circular dependency, but this feels like a workaround..
Okay, lol, I found the obvious solution by myself. As you're able to dynamically create provider wherever, I can just create one with the SSO profile of the account where the TGW resides. I love Pulumi 😄