I am following the AWS Documentation <here> to con...
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I am following the AWS Documentation here to connect Pulumi Workflows with AWS. This was working yesterday but now when trying to get aws creds it is erroring out stating that it does not have rights. See thread
workflows code snippet:
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- name: configure aws credentials
        uses: aws-actions/configure-aws-credentials@v2
          role-to-assume: arn:aws:iam::########:role/role
          aws-region: ${{ env.AWS_REGION }}
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(node:1724) NOTE: We are formalizing our plans to enter AWS SDK for JavaScript (v2) into maintenance mode in 2023.

Please migrate your code to use AWS SDK for JavaScript (v3).
For more information, check the migration guide at <https://a.co/7PzMCcy>
(Use `node --trace-warnings ...` to show where the warning was created)
Error: Not authorized to perform sts:AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity