Are there any plans to extend `pulumi login` to mu...
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Are there any plans to extend
pulumi login
to multiple backends that know how to work together. If I’m logged in
SaaS and I also have stacks in other backends (`local`/`gcs`/`azblob`) it makes sense to me to specify the backends for each stack. I can not use:
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pulumi login
pulumi ...
pulumi logout
If I have cross stack references on different backends I can not use the
pattern. (I believe cross stack references for other backends is a perquisite for this anyway) IIUC all of this is just changes in the CLI stuff. Thanks!
Highly unlikely. If your Pulumi project is logged into one backend to do its work, then needs to log into another backend to get some data, then it would (using current architecture) need to log out of the current backend.. which would stop the current work. If you need this to work, you need to work around it. For example, instead of using Pulumi stack references to get values from one backend to another project, you could have the first project push the important data to well-known vaults, SSM parameters, or anything like that. Then all other projects could get the values from the well-known shared locations, rather than from Pulumi state.