# azure


10/02/2023, 3:10 PM
I came across a strange error with Azure Communications Services (ACS). I've deployed the service using Pulumi (AzureNative 2.0.0). I've been getting "Unauthorized" errors when I use the Azure SDK to send SMS messages. It turns out that the issue is related to the connection string, and this is where it's strange. From the Azure portal, on the "Overview" blade for ACS, the endpoint is: https://{my-resource-name} But on the "Keys" portal for ACS, the endpoint is: https://{my-resource-name} Note the "unitedstates" in there That second endpoint is what's included in the connection strings for ACS, and when the connection string has that "unitedstates" in it, the SDK calls fail (unauthorized). If the connection string omits "unitedstates" (i.e. matches the "Overview" blade, the SDK calls work. Obviously, I have no control of the endpoints. I'm wondering if there's anything within Pulumi that might be having the side effect of the extra "unitedstates" in the endpoint string when it comes to the connection strings. Thanks.
Never mind on this. User error. Apparently both endpoint values are valid. My problem was something else (invalid SMS "from" phone number). 🙄